le tissier corporate
Social Responsibility
Make a stand as a business and help protect against cataracts,
pterygium, skin cancer, and degeneration of the macular.
Educate and promote eye health amongst your
team and your clients.

There are many ways that we can work with your business and corporate.

Are you doing a group sporting event where your workers will be spending time outdoors so need sunglasses?

Do you have a promotional event coming up where you could give away sunglasses either in our brand or yours?

Do your staff have children who would benefit from learning the message about eye health and receiving sunglasses from you?

Do your workers work outdoors?

Do you have patients who need eye protection during their treatment, eg dental practices, dermatology practices, IPL photo rejuventation clinics.

Contact us on 021 732 601 or support@letissier.co.nz and we would be happy to talk through the possibilities.

It is as simple as caring for your staff.

In our treatment rooms we use Le Tissier sunglasses as our patient sunglasses. We have a matching child size and an adult size which looks tidy and each patient is comfortable as they can choose the best size for them. 

They are perfect for our patients as they don’t lift off the patient’s face when the head is turned from left to right….splendid feature!

Dr Kathleen Sandberg – Dentist – Lumino The Denists, Torbay

Our Promise to you:

We want you to love your Le Tissier sunglasses as much as we do.
But…if it is not love at first sight we will exchange or refund them.