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Fundraising Program
Join the growing number of clubs benefiting from being part of the
Le Tissier club fundraising program with the added benefit of a
social good for your members.
It’s Not Just About Comfort…Sunglasses
Help to Prevent Eye Diseases.

Le Tissier have introduced a hassle and risk free fundraising program to help financially support clubs in achieving their fundraising goals whilst having the social benefit of protecting your members’ eye health.

Don’t worry, we do all the work. It really is that easy.

Call us on 021 732 601 or email us at support@letissier.co.nz to find out more, we would love to hear from you.

The Problem

What we find interesting is that so often when we start talking to people about eye health, many people start to tell a story of how they or their husband, father, grandmother etc has a pterygium or macular degeneration or cataracts etc. And we are not just talking about people in their 60s and 70s here. We have met people who have had a pterygium from the age of 29, from their thirties or their forties.

The common theme is that when they talk to an eye professional about their issue, the first piece of advice is to wear sunglasses. Unfortunately, at this stage so much damage has been done, ideally, the sunglasses ought to have been worn since childhood.

The Solution

Research shows that the consequences of the sun’s UV rays on the skin are widely understood, this understanding is greatly reduced when it comes to understanding the effect of the sun’s UV rays on the eyes. We believe that by communicating with members about the importance of wearing sunglasses whilst outside, but perhaps even more importantly about the importance of children wearing sunglasses, we can significantly increase the demand for sunglasses thus resulting in better eye health outcomes for your members.

Of course, in addition, each pair of sunglasses sold, whether they be from our kids, young adult or adult ranges results in funding for your club.


of a person’s lifetime UV exposure occurs before the age of 18.


of people associate UV with eye problems (hence the need for education).


of adults wear sunglasses (but do they know why?).


of children wear sunglasses (but this should be 100%).

Want Le Tissier  to support your club?

We would love your club to be part of the Le Tissier Sports Clubs Fundraising program. It’s a very simple, but highly beneficial, process and we would love to talk through it with you.

Please contact us to find out more.

Some of the clubs we work with


The Le Tissier sponsorship initiative has been great for Milford Tennis Club.

We have been working with Le Tissier since 2013 and the partnership has been very beneficial both in raising funds for our new club house and also we are very keen to have our young tennis players wear sunglasses just as their parents do when they are playing tennis. 

We have received compliments from other clubs during inter-club games about our fabulous sunglasses!

We see this as a long term partnership that will benefit us for many years to come. 

Catherine Woodward – Milford Tennis Club – Secretary and Club Administrator

Our Promise to you:

We want you to love your Le Tissier sunglasses as much as we do.
But…if it is not love at first sight we will exchange or refund them.